David Cancel’s Data-driven startup: “Does anyone Gives a shit about your dumb idea?”

Saw David Cancel present the other day at Dogpatch Labs New York his data driven startups thesis. That guy goes straight to the point, no time lost on details. The whole presentation is really a must-read: how you need, from the start, to install a data driven culture in your startup (or in any project you’re starting to that matter). Test everything, get data for everything, and then iterate, iterate and iterate.

The 3 stages you need to go through (and in that order, this is critical) is to first get yourself operational dashboards (simple please! the simplest the better, if not nobody pays attention to it).

Once these are working reports used throughout the organization, you can move to getting yourself some funnel analysis and then move on to cohort analysis.

It’s all pretty clear in his presentation that I’ve embeded below. Direct link to David’s original post here.