Jazz as a startup metaphor

Roy Hargrove

Roy Hargrove at the Blue Note jazz club on January 24th 2017

Last night I went to Blue Note to see the amazing Roy Hargrove and his quintet. The back and forth between him and the rest of the band, the way that he would let his sax goes all the way on his solo, that then he would catch on the melody and then the pianist would take on the next rift, then the drummer etc. reminded me of how a great startup is a collection of amazing talents and the best founders are the ones that let the other members of the team shine, push their own melody while discretely keeping everyone on tempo, and ultimately wrapping up the song.

Jazz is the only place where you find that mix of improvisation, little touches here and there that still contributes to the overall melody while following a loose script. This reminds me of your startup in Seed and Series A stage before you start migrating to something a lot more structured, akin to something like that, with very limited space for creativity…

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