Total Prestige or the bad taste of the too-rich

Another Life?

I was reading the coverage from PaidContent regarding the recent funding of Total Prestige, a social networking site aimed at the richest (see full post here) and was curious to see what it looked like.

Obviously, since they currently have only 650 members (a good or bad sign), I don’t have access to the back-end site, only the demo (anyone out there?).  Other than the classic cheap 80’s pictures and cliches very St Tropez meet Dubai, the value proposition wasn’t very clear. It comes with an “online magazine“, which is a cheap version of the Robb Reports, Dealmakers and Traders Magazines, by the way all on the block currently. You can always spend some time in luxurious places after you buy fractional ownerships of Richard Nillson’s “Residence Superieur” (sic).

The fact that Rose only injected $1m there is an indication of the limit of the new project.

Another investment probably going down the drain…

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